QB Comm Services:
Marketing and building awareness may seem to be a mystery at times but the magic formula is rather straightforward. Marketing and communications is about telling people what one does...over and over again. Regardless of the media by which we communicate (written, via media, in person, etc.) with our key audience, the bottomline is we need to posses the ability to communicate a consistent message repeatedly.

  • Determine your goals and budget
  • Determine how you will measure your results
  • Identify your target audience - prioritize them
  • Determine their needs and wants / Voice of the Customer
  • Create compelling benefit-oriented messages based on their needs and wants
  • Determine the most effective communications solutions/programs to reach your audience.
    • Consistent messages are used in all the communications solutions/programs per audience.
  • Execute on the solutions!
  • Benchmark the results to determine the effectiveness of the different programs

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